ABS Schedule 40 pipe fittings are suitable for sanitary drain, waste and vent use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

o Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene)
o Made in the USA


o ASTM D2661 (American Society for Testing and Materials)
o IAPMO Certified (International Society of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Does ABS pipe burn?
ABS pipe is combustible and will burn.

What can cause ABS pipe to burn?
Heat and fire sources are essential to cause materials to burn. ABS pipe must be heated to over 870° F (465° C) before it wil ignite. The types of wood commonly used in home construction have ignition temperatures around 500° F (260° C) These temperatures are well above ordinatery room temperature and well below those generated by fire (over 1,000° F (540° C).

Does ABS pipe produce smoke when burned?
When ABS pipe is installed as recommended, little if any smoke is produced during the early stages of a fire. If a fire is large enough, the ABS pipe will burn and produce black, sooty smoke.


o Lightweight
o One-step solvent cementing process makes ABS easy and economical to install
o Superior flow features due to smooth, low porosity, interior finish
o Does not rot, corrode or collect waste
o ABS performs at an operational range from -40° F to 180° F